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Community Service

Volunteering is the heart of AGS, offering over 10,000 hours in any given semester. We strive to provide as many leadership opportunities as possible so that our members hone and craft their skills to stand far above the rest.

Developing Connections

We are not all work, we play too. AGS offers an array of social events that allow members to meet some amazing new friends on their journey. We foster help foster bonds with other peers that will last a lifetime.

Celebration of Academic Achievement

AGS celebrates all of our members’ achievements and provides recognition for your hard work. Whether it’s through our President’s Volunteer Service or our own AGS chapter state awards and scholarship, we celebrate you, our hard-working member.

Our Stories

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Complete Online volunteering Hours and Chapter involvement hours or earn committee credit
Attend General meetings
Attend Socials or SMC sponsored workshops

Our member Says:


I've personally meet great people and gained skills that helped me grow. To me, AGS is like a second home and I hope you all learn to have that same feeling..

Canyon Castillo, Fall 2020

Being a part of AGS gave me opportunities to learn more about my community through volunteering events, and I was able to find friends who push each other to be a better person.

Samuel Lee, Fall 2020

AGS is like a family. Through AGS, I've gained leadership experience, made great friends, and got to volunteer for some great organizations.

Miranda Basseri, Fall 2020

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